Algún día no muy lejano, haré y seré todo lo que siempre he querido y callaré a todos los que me dijeron que no podría hacerlo.

Yo en una fiesta:



Justin Bieber tattoo appreciation post.

  • Niall: Harry is the youngest, but everyone always thinks it's me.
  • Louis: That's because you're cute and Harry is a pervert.

Hi everyone!, my name is Victoria, 14 years old and i'm from Argentina,Mendoza. Tumblr dedicated to that person who inspires me everyday, Justin Bieber and if u don't like him, what are you doing here?. Bob Esponja ♥ Remember: So many people tell you, you can’t, but all you have to do is turn around and say, “Watch Me.” ¡NEVER SAY NEVER!
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Dreams DO come true
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